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#1:Dilogy Resident Evil: Outbreak File 1, File 2 (2004/ENG)

Dilogy Resident Evil: Outbreak File 1, File 2 (2004/ENG)
2004 | PC | Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1 | Publisher: Capcom | 9.41GB
Genre: Survival Horror

It was a typical autumn evening. Some very ordinary people relaxing at the bar, and JD did not even know what it will end ... Contingent slumped the most that on is different. Then you and the police detective and a plumber with a questionable past and a bitchy journalist .... Each of these personality. So so would have drank if were engaged in the affairs of our friends, if not for the T virus escaped to freedom. When the hollow just random visitor attacks the waiter our heroes realize should fade ... And now you can slip away from them!

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Pes 2012 Demo Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 continues the famous series of football simulators from Konami. In this part of football fans waiting for a brand new artificial intelligence engine, which has been improved thanks to the command elements of the game, and now team mate better respond to your actions on the field. Has also improved to switch between players, making it easy to select any teammate who is in close proximity to you. The main purpose of the changes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 – to maximize the realism of gameplay.

#3:Devlib GetDiskSerial DLL 5.00

WinApp | Devlib GetDiskSerial DLL v5.00

GetDiskSerial DLL is a standard Windows DLL that does not depend on the "support" libraries. You can use it to read the serial number of hard disk easily. Fixer Fixer Fixer
3.4 MB Fixer v2.7.72.2315 Fixer | 3.4 Mb

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Portable Fixer v2.7.72.2315 | 14.3 Mb

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Cyberlink PowerDirector Multilanguae Crack dll

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#8:M File Encryption 1.0

M File Encryption 1.0

M File Encryption 1.0 | 3.40 MB

Encrypt and decrypt any files with password.
M File Encryption M File Encryption gives you the ability to easily select a file from your local HDD and encrypt or decrypt it, according to your demands.

#9:Winsome File Renamer 7.1
Winsome File Renamer 7.1 | 4.6 MB

Winsome File Renamer - is a tool for bulk rename thousands of files in a few clicks with 40 possible rules of renaming. Powerful, yet simple and intuitive interface with built-in preview mode to see the new names before renaming. You can also run File Renamer from the command line using saved rules file, undo rename in one click. It is possible to use an external list of files to rename files.

#10:Active@ File Recovery 9.0.4

Active@ File Recovery 9.0.4

Active@ File Recovery 9.0.4 | 20 MB
Mirrors: ExtaBit | LetitBit

Active@ File Recovery for Windows is an effective data recovery software tool. New version is powered by Active@ DiskScan technology to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost. Active@ File Recovery can recover files from all types of flash media that have been lost due to system or battery failure, format or deletion and corruption caused by hardware or software malfunction.