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#1:Dilogy Resident Evil: Outbreak File 1, File 2 (2004/ENG)

Dilogy Resident Evil: Outbreak File 1, File 2 (2004/ENG)
2004 | PC | Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1 | Publisher: Capcom | 9.41GB
Genre: Survival Horror

It was a typical autumn evening. Some very ordinary people relaxing at the bar, and JD did not even know what it will end ... Contingent slumped the most that on is different. Then you and the police detective and a plumber with a questionable past and a bitchy journalist .... Each of these personality. So so would have drank if were engaged in the affairs of our friends, if not for the T virus escaped to freedom. When the hollow just random visitor attacks the waiter our heroes realize should fade ... And now you can slip away from them!

#2:M File Encryption 1.0

M File Encryption 1.0

M File Encryption 1.0 | 3.40 MB

Encrypt and decrypt any files with password.
M File Encryption M File Encryption gives you the ability to easily select a file from your local HDD and encrypt or decrypt it, according to your demands.

#3:Active@ File Recovery 9.0.4

Active@ File Recovery 9.0.4

Active@ File Recovery 9.0.4 | 20 MB
Mirrors: ExtaBit | LetitBit

Active@ File Recovery for Windows is an effective data recovery software tool. New version is powered by Active@ DiskScan technology to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost. Active@ File Recovery can recover files from all types of flash media that have been lost due to system or battery failure, format or deletion and corruption caused by hardware or software malfunction.

#4:Actual File Folders 1.1.3

Actual File Folders 1.1.3

Actual File Folders 1.1.3 Multilingual | 8.7 MB

Are you tired of constantly looking for your desired folder to open or save a file? Does a common dialog box annoy you? With Actual File Folders, you can switch between desired folders many times faster without long mouse manipulations. It will greatly increase your work productivity. In addition, Actual File Folders allows you to return to folders where you performed any actions. Just two additional title buttons for the Explorer dialog box will facilitate your work with PC at times. Actual File Folders is compatible with any software and Windows operating systems.

#5:Better File Rename 5.26

Better File Rename 5.26
Better File Rename 5.26 | 10 MB

Better File Rename - a program for renaming multiple files at once, which works as an extension of the Explorer, and called through the context menu of the selected files. Performs all basic operations with the names of files, folders, extensions (search and replace, delete, add characters, working with the registry, numbering), provides a number of original features rlt, for example, divide the text from the file name with spaces cherz specified intervals, restoration of disturbed enumerations, etc . etc.

#6:File Navigator

File Navigator
File Navigator | 6.38 MB

#7:Winsome File Renamer 7.1
Winsome File Renamer 7.1 | 4.6 MB

Winsome File Renamer - is a tool for bulk rename thousands of files in a few clicks with 40 possible rules of renaming. Powerful, yet simple and intuitive interface with built-in preview mode to see the new names before renaming. You can also run File Renamer from the command line using saved rules file, undo rename in one click. It is possible to use an external list of files to rename files.

#8:Lark File Encryption 6.1.8

Lark File Encryption 6.1.8
Lark File Encryption 6.1.8 | 0.9 MB
Lark File Encryption is a powerful file encryption tools.

#9:Auslogics File Recovery Multilingual

Auslogics File Recovery Multilingual | 5.5 MB

Auslogics File Recovery 3 - An effective and easy to use program that will recover accidentally deleted files and files deleted by virus attacks and software faults.

#10:Stone File Undelete 1.2.156

Stone File Undelete 1.2.156
Stone File Undelete 1.2.156 | 3.2 MB

Stone File Undelete is an application that allows you to restore deleted files from NTFS disks. Data/file is invaluable for you, especially when you lose an important file, photo, video or some other files by mis-delete. Stone File Undelete will help you to restore the files even after you have permanently deleted them!